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used for comparing and improving social media stats
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                            We use quantitative methods

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CyTRAP BlogRank old
Google PageRank 5

Note. What the above numbers mean we tell you right here:

CyTRAP BlogRank (all blogs): What this blog scored out of 100 possible points (i.e. compared to all other blogs).

CyTRAP BlogRank (category) means comparison to other blogs in same category, CyTRAP BlogRank (country) means comparision to other blogs originating from the same country and CyTRAP BlogRank (group) ranks against those blogs that are also included in the blog's group.

Top 3: How the top 3 blogs in this category or whatever this blog is being compared to (e.g., category such as finance, health or fashion or country or group such as insurance or fashion).

CyTRAP BlogRank: What this blog scored out of 100 possible points (i.e. compared to all other blogs).

Average: the average to what this blog is being compared to.

PS. The graph shows weekly values making the data sometimes less recent and therefore higher/lower than the number shown to the left which is based on today's values.
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Category: Politics (14 = Policy (political commentary, news, analysis, lobbying, 'think tanks'))

Rank URL      
1 info  Germany 60     100         5
2 info  Germany 58     93         5
3 info  Switzerland 55     82         3
4 info  Europe 53     78         4
5 info  United States 51     72         6
6 info  Switzerland 51     70         1
7 info  Germany 51     70         6
8 info  Switzerland 50     69         6
9 info  Spain 49     65         0
10 info  World 47     58         4 info  United Kingdom old             5
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Note. The above table lists the blogs according to their CyTRAP BlogRank 

The overall CyTRAP BlogRank is the ranking according to all blogs in our database.

The set's ranking includes those blogs as selected by you according to category(s), country(s) and/or group(s). An example of more than one country is DE,AT,CH which represents the DACH region.

Finally, within each category(s) and/or country(s) and/or as group(s) (if any were chosen) the top performing blog scores a 100 (e.g., Headline Score).

n/a - for Engagement means 'not available'. Thus our crawler was unable to find the blog's comments (e.g., due to the blog software hiding them).

====>>> 0 means that the score for this blog, compared to others, was very low (e.g., few social shares).

  • Clicking on the column header provides you with information how we calculate each sub-index.
  • Clicking the arrows (under the column headers) allows you to sort according to the score in descending order.


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